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Michael Honack

This 3D technology is like magic. It allows a home buyer to inspect completely a house for sale. Displayed in a flattering light, the house can be explored room by room, ceiling and floors. This system allowed my buyer to see my house in a very positive way before coming to visit. It helped the sale immensely.

March 14, 2024

David Wong

This platform is the game-changer for the real estate market in Bali. Their 3D virtual tours are advantageous because they promote a convenient method of exploring properties. The quality, accuracy, and detail of offered models, as well as highly professional customer support, define them. I believe Rumah3D is the best real estate marketplace you can use.

April 24, 2024

Emma Rodriguez

Rumah3D. com has revolutionized the real estate search with 3D virtual tours which prove to be very informative and easy tools for property viewing. The professionalism and dedication to details of this company can be seen in their work. I highly recommend Rumah3D.com for those who want a trouble-free and transparent approach to property search.

March 14, 2024

Terje Nilsen

Seven Stones Indonesia

We use Rumah3D.com and it's an amazing new level of 3D exposure for our listings!
It is making it a lot easier for us to show remote clients various villas prior to their arrival and inspections. Rumah3D is a truly a valuable partner for us!

July 11, 2024

Why Opt For 3D Virtual Tours For Real Estate?

True Sense of Space

Embark on a virtual journey through the property as though physically present. Gain a true sense of the scope and beauty of your future home!

Interactive Live Tours with Agents

Secure a personalized live tour with a knowledgeable agent. Virtually meet within the property you, acquiring comprehensive details to empower you in making the most informed decision of a lifetime!

Efficient Time Management

Effortlessly cut travel time and costs by up to 50% through the minimization of physical visits. Uncover your dream home conveniently, optimizing your search with time-saving convenience!

Legal Help At Your Fingertips:

Seven Stones Indonesia and Rumah3D.com have embarked on an exciting new partnership, merging their expertise to redefine the real estate buying experience. Find information about legal services needed for your real estate investment in Indonesia directly on Rumah3D.com.

Company Incorporation

Company Incorporation

Register your business with ease. We offer streamlined and comprehensive solutions for setting up your company and maintaining the ongoing management. Ensuring your legal compliance in Indonesia, our services start from market-entry preparation, licensing, tax & accounting, to investment activity reports.

Immigration Services

Immigration Services

Whether you're looking for business visa, working visa or stay permit and plan to extend, Seven Stones Indonesia has its own professional team dedicated to simplify the process. With a deep understanding of immigration policies, we make certain our clients will have hassle-free stay in Indonesia regarding their residency status.

Land Transaction Management

Land Transaction Management

Secure your land/property investment with confidence, either it's for business or residential purposes. Our transaction solutions combine thorough due diligence by experts with meticulous handling of legal documents by experienced notaries so you can achieve the right form of ownership status.